Frequently Asked Questions.
“No two blooms are exactly alike, no two brides are exactly alike.”

Do I need to know about flowers, names etc?

No. We will guide you through every step, and show you lots of examples, colours etc., and help you make a more informed decision.

What will help my decision?

There are several factors, but the key considerations would be as follows. Your dress and personality and the colour of the bridesmaids dress would be the main factors. But you should also consider the atmosphere you would like to achieve.

When do I need to book my flowers?

You can book your flowers at any stage. Generally from once you have set the date of your wedding to within eight weeks of the date itself.

Can I bring pictures with me?

Yes, we can take inspiration from anything.


What do wedding flowers cost?

There are flowers to suit everybody’s budget and taste. If you have a budget we can design your wedding flowers to come within that for you.

When do I pay?

There are various options, and we will try to accommodate everybody. However, generally we try to take a deposit on booking and full payment the week before the wedding.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept cash, postal order, cheque and money orders.

Do you charge extra for delivery?

Generally we will include the cost of delivery within the overall cost of your flowers.